Brennen Leigh Performing Sunday, July 31

UBC is proud to have Brennen Leigh, Noel McKay, and Vance Hazen performing this Sunday during the worship service. Performing as a bluegrass trio, Brennen Leigh, along with her husband Noel McKay and bassist Vance Hazen are sure to bring a little country flair to the UBC Sunday worship service.

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Clothing Drive

Do you have clothes you've been meaning to donate to charity but just haven't gotten around to delivering somewhere? Well, now you can bring them to church with you the next time you come because the UBC Kid's have decorated two big clothing donation boxes as a part of their...

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Attention to the Spirit, July 2011, “Poor Piety”

Because UBC is currently studying a book in Sunday School on the church’s responsibility to the poor among us called Hard Living People and Mainstream Christians, another book was recalled to my memory recently that I read in seminary called Pia Desideria, which means heartfelt desire.  The author, Phillip Jacobs...

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