Monthly Archives: December 2011

Nicole L. Taylor Performing 12/11/11

UBC is proud to have Nicole L. Taylor performing during the worship service this Sunday, December 11 at 11am. Nicole, a soprano with a Doctorate of Musical Arts from UT, will bring an energy to this Sunday’s worship service that is sure to warm us up during this cold weather!

Attention to the Spirit, December 2011

How Are Your Sea Legs? Maybe because the theme for UBCLive!‘s Advent series is about embracing the negative space of life, or maybe because in my own life I’ve noticed the benefit of such work, I am currently intrigued with spiritual metaphors and images about accepting the of the ebb and flow of life.  Hence,… Read more

Breakfast with Visiting Missionary, Rev. Dr. Stan Slade

Rev. Dr. Stan Slade, who works with American Baptist International Ministries, will be joining UBC for a breakfast discussion on December 3 at 9am.  Dr. Slade will be discussing mission work abroad.  Immediately afterward, UBC will have its annual Greening of the Church, where the UBC congregation will gather to begin decorating the sanctuary.  Decorations… Read more