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Cathedral Concerts Fall 2012 Schedule

Experience the Divine when secular music meets sacred space in this new series from University Baptist Church, Austin’s progressive voice of faith since 1908.  Historically, the cathedrals of Europe were not only seats of religious ritual; they were also centers of civic and artistic life.  UBC Austin is quickly becoming this kind of cathedral, a… Read more

Safe Space: Labyrinth Fall Retreat

All students and Labyrinth members are invited to join us September 14 – 16 for the Labyrinth Fall Retreat. We will get out of the city for rest, recreation and reflection surrounded by the beauty and wisdom of the natural world. We will leave Friday, September 14 around 5:00pm and come back Sunday, September 16 around 2:00pm. Contact Amelia Fulbright at for more details.

Labyrinth Schedule

Labyrinth is a spiritual discovery community made of people longing to break out of the stereotypes so that we can be free to be exactly who we are. We’re on the drag right across from campus, on the south side of 22nd Street between Guadalupe and San Antonio, and we meet throughout the week.

Micah 6 Street Youth Drop-in Center

Each Sunday, UBC hosts the Micah 6 Street Youth Drop-in Center at 2:00 pm in the Education Building.  The drop-in center includes a place of fellowship (out of the weather), a healthy meal, a computer lab and special educational and self-care programs. If you are interested in volunteering or you have any questions about the… Read more

Depression/Bi-polar Support Group

This group is open to college students and adults of all ages. It is not group therapy, but rather an opportunity for those living with depression, anxiety, bi-polar and other mood-related illnesses to share their struggles and find support from a caring, non-judgmental group of peers. It will also be a safe space for participants to share ideas about what works in managing the ups and downs of depression and bi-polar, including how faith and spiritual practices can contribute to healing.