Coping with COVID: Ways to Cope

Hi, Church Family!

What a weird time we’re living in, eh? Most of you are likely aware that I’m like a major introvert. So, the isolation part of this quarantine hasn’t been too challenging for me. To be honest, I’ve enjoyed the slow pace of life. I’ve had more time to focus on my own personal fitness and mental health than I’ve ever had before and I’m noticing the benefits of that. Along with that, though, comes a weird dichotomy of emotions. I see a lot of people hurting. I have friends and family out of jobs. I can feel the heaviness in the people I pass on my walks and in the grocery store.

It is said that the eyes are the window to the soul, right? And right now, when we go out, all we can do is look someone in their eyes because the rest of their face is (hopefully) covered. You can get a lot from that brief moment of eye-contact with a stranger. Sometimes you can tell they’re smiling underneath by the wrinkles around the eyes. But sometimes in that eye-contact you can see that they’re having a hard day, a hard week, month, etc. You can see that they’re stressed. In those moments, I feel helpless. I’m not great with expressing my own emotions, and I’m not great at consolation. I try, but these aren’t my gifts. What I am really good at is cheering someone up. But somehow in this quarantine and distancing I feel like I have less to offer.

And that makes me sad.

So, how do I cope with this totally unfamiliar situation that we’ve found ourselves in? I look for joy. I’m a (mostly) joyful person. I’m high energy, I smile probably too much, I always go for the joke (whether or not the joke is actually funny), and it doesn’t take much to make me happy.

I look for joy in the smallest things, which has helped tremendously to keep me in a positive headspace over the last 6-or-so weeks (I’ve truly lost count. I feel like I need to be keeping a tally next to my bed to track the days). Sometimes that joy is found in discovering a new Netflix show to binge, a simple text from a friend, a blue jay that hangs out on my porch and watches TV with me, a memory, or a piece of music.

The other day I was missing making music with choir. I mean like, really missing them. And so I started going through all the recordings of the anthems I have of us from Sundays and enjoying the beautiful music that we made. And in that beauty, I found comfort.

So, because it’s been far too long since you’ve heard them, I wanted to provide you with a very joyful video from last May of the UBC choir with the UCC choir singing the fourth movement from Jubilate Deo.

The movement is in the Zulu tongue. The words:

Hlokoma kuJehova ngezwi lokuhalalisa, mhlaba
wonke. Mkhonzeni uJehova ngokujabula, nisondele
ebusweni bakhe ngokuhuba kwentokozo. Yazini
ukuthi uJehova unguNkulunkulu!

Or, perhaps if you don’t speak Zulu:

Shout with triumph to the Lord, all the earth! Serve the
Lord with joy, come before his presence with singing.
Know that the Lord is God! (From Psalm 100:1-3)

Click the image below for the video! I pray that you will find a moment of joy today, and every day.

With love,


How are you coping? Let us know.

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