News from the Pews, Episode 1

Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.

Psalms 27:14


That’s pretty clear isn’t it? Wait for God. Don’t be in such a rush to get things done on your own. Don’t be so quick to jump ahead and make the call (then ask for forgiveness if something breaks). Wait for God. Don’t be quite so proactive, quite so action-oriented, quite so steel-ball-sliding-down-a-frozen-hill-in-a-hurry to have your way. Wait for God.


Ugh. Waiting is hard. Trusting the unseen hand of God is hard. (Trusting me? Easier.) Do I really believe God is always on time? Is God ever late? Do I believe God might miss the moment? Maybe I oughtta show God a thing or two? Well, I believe God understands timing, but I still have a hard time waiting.


Maybe what the Psalm singer is saying is that we get to wait. Not “hey, you should feel guilty if you have trouble waiting” (that’s me, probably because I’ve heard a hundred guilt-trippy sermons on why I’m a less-than-good Christian because I’m impatient). But it’s possible that the writer is really saying, “Relax. God is walking through this, and willing to let you walk sometimes too. You do not have to answer that email, make that decision, return that call, rush around…right now. God’s walking, you can walk.”


I’m thinking that the life most people want is a lot slower than the life that the consuming culture crows about—the one where we’re already successful enough and pretty enough. Jesus walked through. Maybe if I know him a little better, I can relax a little more. “Be strong and take heart” means be courageous, which is why it’s hard. It’s easy to be weak, lose heart, jump ahead, and screw up. It’s harder to wait on God and get things right the first time. I hope this helps you have a better week.


100,000 blessings,

Jack Allen
Dir. of Spiritual Formation

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