By now you’ve probably seen that our church is hosting an event during SXSW called OUTLOUD.  I cannot express how exciting this is for our church and for our neighbors. We are jumping in the river and flowing with the stream of the city to be a part of the beautiful creativity that Southby brings.  

So why OUTLOUD?  What are we even OUT and LOUD about?  

First, as you’ve heard, part of the discernment process is for us to signal that there is life at UBC– life in our building, life in the church, life to be celebrated and shared!  And OUTLOUD is an experiment in just that. We are getting OUT of our building, OUT into the life buzzing all around us and literally OUT in the courtyard. We’ll be dancing in the streets like the nuns in Sister Act 2!  We’re going to be LOUD about our progressive faith by benefiting LGBTQIA+ organizations of Austin.  The Q, Out Youth, and Aids Services of Austin are all going to be with us for the event sharing resources and connecting with the community!  We have even arranged to have free HIV/STI testing on site! What a great service to our community! We’ll be LOUD about being a church that affirms healthy sexuality.

We’re also celebrating the LOUD creativity with (tastefully) LOUD music.  Local artists and artists making their way to Austin for SXSW will be joining us all day sharing their creative energy and talents.  We have a full line up ready to go and the bands will be announced soon!

So why don’t you make plans to come OUT during Southby to be a part of what’s happening in our city?  And while you’re at it, go ahead and invite a few friends to join you! You can share the event on your Facebook page, or you can do it the old fashioned way and just grab a few friends and come on down!

So save the date: OUTLOUD March 15, 11a-9p in the courtyard!  See you there!

Stephanie Cooper
Associate Pastor

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