The Rev. Daniel Pryfogle

Daniel Pryfogle is an in-between leader for an in-between time. A monk and marketer, theologian and entrepreneur, Daniel’s vocation is to step into the gaps and witness another way. His company, Signal Hill, defies category by helping people lead through story. His startup journalism venture, Senior Correspondent, goes against the grain by amplifying the voices of older adults for the good of society. And his covenantal community, Sympara, invites leaders who are called to the gaps to travel there together.

Daniel comes to UBC with significant experience in identity, planning and discernment. Trained as a journalist, ordained as an American Baptist minister, and baptized in business as an entrepreneur, Daniel delights in noticing the movement of the Spirit in the world, provoking the church to catch up, and evoking the gifts that are needed in between. He is the son, grandson, brother and nephew of Baptist ministers. He earned a master of divinity degree from the American Baptist Seminary of the West and a bachelor’s degree in English from California Baptist College. Daniel and his wife, Chris, have two daughters: Austin, who lives in Los Angeles, and Savannah, who lives in Austin.