The University Baptist Church sanctuary building and main entrance is located at the corner of 22nd and Guadalupe. Parking is available behind the education building at the corner of 22nd and San Antonio. If you are driving, the most convenient entrance is through the portico on the corner of San Antonio and 22nd Streets, across from the large church parking lot.

Sanctuary Building

Located at the corner of 22nd and Guadalupe, the University Baptist Church sanctuary building was completed in 1921. Architect Albert Kelsey’s original plans included a bell tower, but it was removed from the plans because of budget constraints. The sanctuary building contains the Fellowship Hall, pastoral offices, Bible study rooms, and the Sanctuary.

Education Building
Currently leased by Hill Country Bible Church, the education building is located at 22nd and San Antonio. Carlton Brush was the architect on the building, which has three stories full of classrooms, a chapel, and a full kitchen downstairs with a kitchenette and auditorium upstairs.

The Nelle Barrow Building
Better known as “The UBC Kids’ Place,” the building houses the children’s Sunday School rooms and childcare for other events. There are four classrooms, a library/storage room, a kitchen, and two storage closets. The building also has a playground attached to the back, with a gate to the front walkway.

For more information, read “House of the Lord: A History of the Buildings of the University Baptist Church” by Carlyle B. Joy, available as a PDF here.