The first organ was a pedal‐pumped, two‐manual reed instrument that sat where the display pipes are now. It proved inadequate for the sanctuary. In 1924 the Majestic Theater (now the Paramount) purchased a new organ, and the church bought the old one for $1,000. This was a small electric pipe organ. From 1931 to 1937, Dr. C. P. Boner, a physics professor at UT, with the assistance of Robert Newman, added components from three organs and parts from all over that he bought, begged, or swapped for. When completed, the organ had 2,100 pipes and 80 stops. By 1960 patches on the organ could no longer be patched, and Mr. Otto Hofmann of Austin was commissioned to build a new organ. Many of the old pipes were used, but most were made especially for the church. When completed in 1963, the instrument had 2,945 pipes. From time to time, Mr. Hofmann has made improvements and repairs to the organ. In 1986 he added 85 pipes of festival trumpets that play on all manuals and pedals.