At University Baptist Church (UBC), your wedding ceremony will be a service of spiritual significance. The following requirements will become a part of the building use contract and careful attention to each item will ensure a beautiful ceremony. To download a form, click here.

Your application for the use of UBC facilities must be approved by our Building Use Committee, prior to any public announcement or any invitation being issued.
The Bride and Groom must have at least one scheduled conference with a minister of UBC prior to the wedding. Use of other ministers in the ceremony must be approved, and an invitation extended by a UBC minister.
Our Pastors fee for wedding services is: $___________.     It is customary for the groom to have the best man relay an honorarium to the Minister the day of the ceremony. (This fee is set in proportion to the amount of time spent on premarital counseling, planning, rehearsing, and the ceremony itself.)
ROOMS USED Building Fee Consultant Custodial Fee
Rehearsal – Sanctuary                                    $200.00                     $100.00                       $ 75.00
Wedding – Sanctuary Only                              $450.00                     $100.00                       $125.00
Wedding – Sanctuary, Bride & Groom rooms      $650.00                     $150.00                       $125.00
Parking Lot Use                                             $000.00

Wedding rehearsals have a time limit of 2 hours. If the rehearsal should run over this time limit, there will be an additional $50.00 per hour building fee and a $25.00 per hour custodial and Consultant fee charged.

The agreed upon fees must be paid as follows: A deposit of $400.00 is to be made upon finalization of the date to the church calendar. This is a non-refundable deposit. The date of the facilities cannot be reserved without this deposit. The deposit will be deducted from your final cost. Payments must be made through the church office. No refund of the deposit will be made if the wedding is canceled.

The remaining balance due must be paid in full at least 30 days prior to the wedding.

DRESSING ROOMS FOR THE WEDDING PARTY:The Bridal party usually dresses in the college room. The Groom’s party will dress in the Library.

Organist or use of the organwill be to be referred to the UBC Organist. It will be your responsibility to contact the organist. You may get the organist phone number from the church office.

  • Nothing may be attached to walls or ceiling.
  • The communion Table may be moved to the side, but must remain in the sanctuary. No flowers or other decorations are to be placed on the communion table.
  • Only ribbon or specially designed pew clips may be used to secure bows and flowers to pew ends. No pins, tacks, tape or other materials that may harm the wood, fabrics, furniture or furnishings are to be used.
  • Candelabras must have floor covering beneath them to catch the candle wax, or use dripless candles. The church does not have candelabras available. Candles or candle holders are not allowed on the marble baptistery or anywhere on any marble surfaces
  • Floral arrangements with wet blocks must have plastic or foil under the arrangement for protection.
  • All decorations and candles are to be removed immediately after the wedding by the wedding party.
  • No flash shall be used after the processional and before the recessional.
  • During the ceremony the photographer/videographer must not move around in the Sanctuary
  • Pictures may be taken before or after the ceremony in any part of the building.
  • Alcoholic beverages are not allowed on any part of the church property.
  • are must be taken that birdseed, or other similar items are not distributed or used inside the building or thrown in the outside area at the front doors. (We do not allow Rice to be used our facility.
  • The Sanctuary audio system will not be available.
  • The florist, photographer/videographer, and caterer must be informed of the church rules regarding services at UBC.
  • All rented equipment must be removed from the building immediately following the wedding.
  • The church does not allow rental of the Fellowship Hall or Kitchen for non-member receptions.

The couple will be monetarily responsible for any damages to the church and for the cost of repair or replacement of any broken or damaged property.