Too often, the church has offered easy and flat answers in the face of life’s complicated and layered questions.  It’s time to change that. At UBC, we offer Spiritual Formation groups that lean into the deep-well of spiritual wisdom from our faith tradition and to ponder together how God’s dream for the world might become a reality.  We seek to look out on the horizon for how our faith intersects our day-to-day living. Join us on the journey. 

Gatherings on Sundays . . . 

“Days of Awe and Wonder” by Marcus Borg | Sunday School Class | Led by member Phil Stovall
Sundays at 9:30 AM in the UBC Maddry Center
Oceans of changes and discoveries bounce your faith journey daily. Marcus Borg’s vision of the mysteries and wonder of God may lift your spirit! So here he is in print: his book is our script for a sixteen week study of “Days of Awe and Wonder: How to be a Christian in the Twenty-first Century.” A long time seminarian friend told Phil to “read Marcus Borg.” So he did. He wants to share with you Borg’s compassion for Jesus as Lord!
Some chapters are “Listening to the Spirit,” “Awe, Wonder and Jesus,” “Renewing Our Image of Jesus,”  “Living God’s Passion,” and “Listening for the Voice of God.”

“Spiritual Gifts” by David Francis | Sunday School Class | Led by Charles Locklin
Sundays at 9:30 AM in the UBC Library
This class will review the book “Spiritual Gifts, A Practical Guide to How God Works Through You” by David Francis