Coping with COVID: Poetry

As the COVID-19 pandemic intensified in March, Paul Taylor launched a collaborative writing project that was inspired by Giovanni Boccaccio’s The Decameron. Boccaccio wrote his collection of one hundred stories in response to the devastation caused by the Black Death sweeping across Europe during the fourteenth century. The following poem was written by UBC member Anna Strickland as part of the Decameron 2020 project.


Anna Strickland
Backlog Poetry, Vol. 1, Poem 2. Inspired by Job 38-41, probably my favorite section of the Bible.

I am too much
And I am not enough
I cry out to the One
Who knows my place
Who made the sun
And offers me grace

“Am I being too selfish?
Or am I too hard on myself?”
She answers with light
And sonic booms
That fill me with fright
And rattle the room

“Do you see Leviathan?
Do you see how I love him?
Look at the tendons
Look at the bones
So lovingly rendered
And given a home

Do you see the care?
Do you see the attention?
Look at his toenails
His liver and spleen
His long, strong tail
And maybe you’ll see.

You are exactly as important
As Leviathan and Behemoth
You are exactly as important
As a dust mite and a spider
You are exactly as important
As the Pleiades and Orion
You are exactly as important
As you are to me”

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