Season of Discernment: Schedule Update

After last week’s joint meeting between the Discernment Committee and the Search Committee, it became clear that we still have some work to do on defining the qualities of leadership UBC needs in our next pastor. We are making a few adjustments to our schedule in order to be sure we have the time to develop a leadership profile consistent with our vision:

The church-wide discussion on leadership has been moved from this Sunday to August 25.

The draft leadership profile will be circulated to the congregation on August 20.

The church-wide meeting on August 25 will give members the opportunity to discuss the draft leadership profile, and the Search and Discernment Committees will share their next steps.

Please pray for these committees, as we also pray for all of you. The rich soil of our church is being turned by the plow. We do not yet know what new life will emerge, but we trust that God’s blessing will fall on the seeds that are being planted in this place and time.

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