Discernment Update

With the work of the Discernment Committee moving into our final question of leadership, this past week has been pivotal. On Sunday, we led worship on the theme of leadership where the questions we’ve been pondering and the answers you have shared with us came to life in the form of a dialog read by Kari Taylor, Renee Suttle-Field, and David Stahl. Then on Monday we met jointly with the newly formed Pastoral Search Committee to start passing the baton as our season comes to a close and theirs prepares to take off.

Our discussion covered processes, ideas, and a summary of the past year’s work. But first and perhaps most importantly, we talked about our hopes and anxieties for this process before us which are some of the same hopes and anxieties you entrusted to God on Sunday in your written prayers for UBC. After transcribing those prayers, I was curious to see them in a word cloud where the more frequently used words would stand out so that the spirit of the church could be plainly seen. Here is that image:


We pray for Christ’s guidance. We pray for our lives and community to be transformed. We pray for divine love in action. May it be so. Amen.

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