do. love. walk.

There are a few things that I know to be true that I am as ever sure of today as I was 5 years ago: Justice will prevail, one way or another; Mercy is everything; and God is God and I am not. That’s my rough translation of that beloved passage from Micah, the passage I have tattooed (in the original Hebrew) on my left rib cage, closest to my heart.

I cling to these words from Micah and the 23rd Psalm when the going gets tough.  Scripture is more than just an old book of stories of ancient people. It is the Word of God for the people of God today.  The Word of God has power beyond measure to cling to us in all of our unflattering places leaving God’s fairy dust there (others call it grace).  It connects us to something bigger than ourselves and reminds us of our humble place in the world. We have three tasks, God reminds us: seek justice, love the depths of mercy, and walk humbly knowing that God is God and you are not.

So as I sign off today, pondering these things in my heart, I leave you with a likely unfamiliar reading of the 23rd Psalm. 

God will guide me, and if I follow where She leads, I’ll have nothing to worry about (call it a leap of faith).  She will lead to me to places of abundance. She knows where the still waters are and She knows exactly what I need to be restored.  

God will lead me down the well-worn paths of the honorable for the way of her Mystery is that very path.

And Lord knows I’ve had seen the darkest valley but I will not fear the evil that stands before me.  Because I know She stands there in front of me, behind me, and right beside me. The boundaries we’ve set together for safety- they comfort me.

She will set a table before me, even in the presence of those who persecute me.  She calls me “beloved child” and my cup overflows.

So I know that goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life because She is the Mystery in whom we live and breathe and have our very being, and there is no escaping that kind of Love. 


Stephanie Cooper
Associate Pastor

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