Holy Week 2015

Palm Sunday, March 29
Worship – 11:00 AM
We will celebrate the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem and hear again the Passion Narrative from the Gospel of Mark.

Maundy Thursday, April 2
Worship – 7:00 PM
We will gather to obey Christ’s command to wash one another’s feet and remember him with the sacred supper.

Good Friday, April 3
Worship at The Sanctuary – 7:00 PM
We will join our friends from Journey at the Sanctuary at 2614 Exposition Blvd. to share our remembrance of the cross.

Easter Sunday, April 5
Breakfast – 9:00 AM
Easter Egg Hunt – 9:30 AM
Worship – 10:30 AM
Join us as we celebrate the resurrection of Christ.

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