The Journey

Happy Pre-Friday, Everyone!

This past New Year’s Eve, my closest friends and I had an at-home “spa night” instead of going out and dealing with the masses. It was everything you would imagine a group of millennial, gay men doing: face masks, bath robes, warm eucalyptus towels, a tarot card reader, a chair massage, a station to make smudge sticks, and a meditation room to center yourself and write your goals for the new year on a (bio-degradable) lantern.

Since these lanterns would ultimately burn up in the sky, we had two sides: “Let Burn,” and “Let Rise.” Mostly self-explanatory. The “let burn” side was everything we wanted to leave behind for 2018. The “let rise” side was our new intentions for 2019. Then on the final side, we wrote a mantra for the year. The theme we were all aiming towards was self-improvement and self-love. My mantra: “You are allowed to love yourself while you’re on the journey.” 

Friends, we are on a rough road right now. Like any family, we fight, we disagree, we butt heads, we have differing opinions, et cetera, but we’re allowed to love each other while we move through this. We need to love each other while we move through this. Our journey, like any journey, is not one of a straight path. We’ve encountered metaphorical mountains, valleys, and certainly quite a few forks in the road. With every step we take, we get closer to our destination. 

It is so easy to get discouraged. But we are not alone. We all feel uneasy about something in our life together. But we’re allowed to love ourselves on the journey. We’re allowed to love each other on the journey. We’re allowed to love our church on the journey. This little snag is just a small part of our rich fabric of history we have together. 

Let’s keep walking this path together. Not trying to quote any political candidate, but we’re definitely stronger together.


Jonathan Castillo
Minister of Music & Outreach

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