Update on Worship for July 25



As of today, Friday, July 23, the City of Austin has re-entered Stage 4 of our Covid risk-based guidelines. This means that there will be no in-person worship at UBC this Sunday, July 25. (We will go ahead with the memorial service on Saturday, with strict masking and distancing requirements.) The Covid Response Team will continue to monitor the situation diligently and prayerfully, and we’ll provide updates as we go along. You can read more about our new guidelines, and the rationale for them, in the Pastor’s Pen that went out yesterday. 


This Sunday, please join us online at youtube.com/ubcaustin, for Spirit-filled worship wherever you are! I know it’s disappointing, since we just began to re-gather, but it won’t last forever! Christianity was birthed out of people’s living rooms, so I trust we can worship together meaningfully from our own homes for a bit longer. Together or apart, the Risen Christ is with and among us! May we be sustained by the God who heals and protects as we do our very best to contribute to the healing and protection of our community. 


With love and gratitude,

Rev. Natalie Webb

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