Discernment Update: Vision Statement and Commentary

On Sunday, June 30, all members of the church were invited to discuss a draft of the Discernment Committee’s proposed vision statement for UBC. Those assembled expressed strong support for the statement while also offering insightful comments to clarify and enhance the wording. The committee reviewed those comments, revised the statement, and brought a final proposal to the called church conference last Sunday, July 7. The vision statement and supporting commentary were adopted unanimously. The final version appears below.
The vision statement and commentary will give pastoral candidates valuable insight into our congregation during the search process this year. More importantly, it will serve as an inspiration and a guide to all of us, reminding us of our aspirations and priorities as we make decisions for the future.


Vision Statement

Guided by Christ, we build relationships to transform lives and our community through divine love in action.



University Baptist Church nurtures the spiritual journeys of our members and our neighbors so that together we work for the good of our community. We invite families and individuals from all backgrounds and circumstances to enter our doors for Christian worship, study, and prayer. We celebrate diversity, confident that by God’s grace we will learn from each other and grow in holy friendship. We partner with students, service organizations, and other communities of faith to provide food, clothing, and shelter to those in need. We reach out to the University of Texas for its expertise in innovative solutions to social injustice; we bring to the table our own abundant resources—finances, properties, people—and place them in the service of kindness and justice for the marginalized. We are enriched by the gifts of our partners as well as those we care for through our ministries. Every day we seek to be the body of Christ at the corner of 22nd and Guadalupe, extending reconciliation and hope to our neighborhood, our city, and our world.

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