Parking in West Campus doesn’t have to be a pain!

Sunday Visitor Parking Lot

Sunday Visitors can find parking in the Callaway House parking garage. Please grab a ticket at the entrance gate. Then, take your ticket to the worship service (or the church office during the week), and we will validate your ticket.

IMG_20151109_081304Callaway House Parking Garage

The Callaway House Parking Garage UBC operates the public parking garage in the Callaway House dormitory; all parking income supports the ministries of our church.

-The entrance to the garage is at 2105 Nueces Street.

-There is no public parking 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM on Sunday, when the garage is reserved for church services.

-All public parking is on levels 2 and 3 of the garage; upper levels are reserved for residents of the Callaway House.

Contract Parking

We offer contract parking in the Callaway House parking garage for terms of one month or longer. Click here to learn more about contract parking in the Callaway House.

Hourly Parking

Hourly parking is available in the Callaway House parking garage. When you enter the garage at 2105 Nueces Street, take a ticket at the gate. When you exit the garage, insert your ticket in the automated pay station and pay the fee.

The hourly parking rate is $4 per hour with a $25 maximum per day and a $30 lost ticket fee.


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